Datacenter Modernization

Transform your datacentres for improved service levels, business agility and scalability at reduced cost.

Eliminate infrastructure silos as you bring cloud capabilities to your data centre.

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The Cloud-inspired benefits of Microsoft Azure are attributed to the following relative advantages over traditional data centres.

Virtualisation Framework

Offerings include Virtual Machines (Windows/Linux), Virtual Machine Scalesets, SQL Virtual Machines and Windows Virtual Desktops

Identity & Access Management

Leverage Active Directory – Microsoft’s role-based access contral (RBAC) to enhance and simplify security as you control users’ permissions.

Network Security group and Firewall

Filter network traffic to and from resources in your virtual network , with security rules. Provide network and application level protection with a network firewall-as-a service application.

Modernize Your Data centre to scale your Business

Cloud-Inspired Platform

  • Better price bargain of compute unit due to providers’ scale of economics
  • Higher ROI with respect to hardware/licenses refreshes and Power/Cooling/Physical Security
  • Shorter time to value, service and markets
  • Business-friendly investment model driven by OPEX
  • Shorter time to innovate and access supporting technologies

Future-proof security

Harness historical insights, crowdsourced real-time intelligence and machine-learning-based predictive algorithm to pre-emptively provide protection for hosted solutions. Microsoft continues to invest over $1 billion a year on cyber security making the likes of Azure and Office 365 some of the safest technologies.

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