Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting which uses multiple different servers to balance the load and maximize uptime.

Cloud hosting spreads the data across a number of different machines, different servers in different places that are connected together.  You manage your data through a “virtual machine” that accesses all the different servers across the “cloud”. 

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Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It’s a flexible, scalable, and high performing hosting solution that offers your business a unique set of features.

Faster Website Speed & Performance

Cloud hosting also allows for easier load balancing between multiple server environments, which can help to put much less strain on a single server’s resources.

Safety from Server Hardware Issues

With cloud hosting your site is isolated from any physical server issues including hacking, hardware failure or system overload.

Speedy Server Set-up Process

You can deploy a cloud hosting server in record time.

The Perfect Environment for Success

High Uptime and Availability

Cloud hosting has high uptime built into its structure. Since your site will be virtual using the resources of multiple servers, you can simply be transferred to another server if one goes offline or is experiencing technical issues.

Redundant Server Environment

With most types of hosting your site lives on a single server. When your hosting is redundant, a site backup will take over your existing site within seconds. However, not all redundancy is created equal. With cloud hosting, you will have a concurrent live version of your website that your host can load immediately.

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The power of cloud computing with simplicity of shared hosting.