The Hub for Teamwork: Microsoft Teams

An all-encompassing, robust tool for collaboration and sharing that allows staff from multiple locations to work together as a seamless, functional unit.

Trusted By Many Companies

Connect at The Speed of Light

With Microsoft Teams, you can start a quick chat with one or more co-workers. Reply instantly with a short message or reaction, so you and your team can be in sync.


Customize Your Workspace

Import your preferences for applications outside of the Microsoft family. Your workspace can be customised to take into account social media platforms such as LinkedIn and many more.

Increased Productivity

keep the right people at the table in highly-focused collaborations with document retrieval built into the system.

No Additional Cost

For companies already using Microsoft 365, the basic Microsoft Teams feature insures no charge.

Instant Company Wide Updates

Nobody is left behind. As many as 10,000 attendees can dial into important company announcements on video call.

Get Company-Wide and Persistent Communication

Tool For Engaging & Productive Meetings

  • Record the Microsoft Teams meeting so people can “attend” or review the meeting later. The video of the meeting will be automatically transcribed. Viewers can search for specific terms and jump directly to the right part of the recorded meeting.
  • Too much time is lost hunting for scattered information and tools related to a project. With Microsoft Teams, you can access files, conversations, and apps in one workspace.
  • No more juggling multiple versions when reviewing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations as a team. Edit and review files at the same time using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Work From Virtually Anywhere

Microsoft Teams works when you’re on the move. Reply to a group chat from your phone or tablet. Or start a new chat or video call from your mobile device.

Share and Manage Document Differently

File storage can now be done with ease, when you create a new team in Microsoft Teams, this also creates a new SharePoint site in your Microsoft back end. Because of this, each document or file that you upload to the team — either in the team messaging area or to the files tab — will be saved in SharePoint.


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